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Confucianism and Taoism

About Confucianism

About Taoism
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About Confucianism
Pictures of Confucianism
Facts About Taoism
Facts About Confucianism

Confucianism is one of the more predominant Hakka "religions" (really more of a philosophy), ranking second only to Taoism in terms of sheer influence. For centuries, the Hakka Chinese have used Confucian teaching and values as their foundation for dealing with relationship issues in everyday life.

The sage Confucius - who believed in neither gods nor the afterlife - lived around 500 BC, and taught that peace exists where proper submission is practiced. Child to parent … student to teacher … slave to master … citizen to the state. In fact, this rather mundane teaching might have hit the ranks of obscurity were it not for subsequent emperors using it to wield greater control over their subjects.

These Confucian values have since trickled down through history until forming a pool of tradition that affects how Hakkas, even now, respond to authority … especially parents or elder family members. Many are tightly bound by these cultural expectations of unquestioned submission. Consider the powerful hold that this view might have on children (of any age) who are seeking a Jesus that their parents would have them deny. Such is the bondage of Confucianism today.


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