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Confucianism and Taoism

Facts About Confucianism

About Taoism
Pictures of Taoism
About Confucianism
Pictures of Confucianism
Facts About Taoism
Facts About Confucianism

Confucianism is set down in many texts and books and was introduced to Vietnam by the governors of Vietnam at that time; Hsi Kuang and Jen Yen. It states attitudes towards each relationship in society. Husband-wife, Father-son etc. Mencius is the scholar in Confucianism who states that man is good and must study himself and continue to learn.

A wise man, develops through study; he knows himself, and has his passions under control.

Confucius teaches the man:
4 rules to reach self-development:
•-to develop himself;
•-to keep his family;
•-to rule the country;
•-to bring peace to the world.

Interaction: 3 Types
Between King and citizen;
Between father and son;
Between husband and wife.

5 Cardinal Virtues to become a man of virtue:
• Intelligence
• Honesty.
• Equity
• Urbanity
• Humanity

The woman
3 basic types of alliance;
• to the father until she is married,
• to the husband after she leaves her parents' house,
• to the eldest son when her husband dies.

4 virtues:
• skill with her hands,
• agreeable appearance,
• prudence in speech,
• exemplary conduct.

Under the old custom, a young girl is expected to keep her virginity until she gets married, and to marry only once.

According to the principle of Confucianism there are 5 Concepts of Democracy in Mencius
• the state belongs to everyone;
• the leaders must respect the people's desires: love what the people love, and hate what the people hate.
• First, the people, then, the state, and the king is negligible.
• A scholar ranks highest, followed by the farmer, the artisan and the merchant.



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